Welcome to our medical practice called "Lægerne Middelfartvej 129" in Bolbro, Odense.

We are located on the first floor of the building and we have our own free parking area outside.

If you need to see a doctor, you always have to make a scheduled appointment first. You can also speak with a doctor on the telephone, but that is only between 8.00 - 9.00 in the morning.

Contact our secretary on tel. 66 16 77 50

The phone is open:

Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 11.30 and 12.00 - 13.00

An appointment with the doctor is scheduled to 15 min. Don't be late!

If you have issues, which can't be solved within the 15 min, the doctor might give you a new scheduled appointment.

Remember to bring your yellow identification card each time you see a doctor. Register at the computer screen when you arrive. Then the doctor can see that you are waiting.

If you don't speak Danish or English we can arrange an interpreter for you. This we will need to know in advance, so we have enough time to find one. Call our secretary if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Lægerne Middelfartvej 129